Cottage Grove High School

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Culture of Achievement: Open, Honest, Action-Oriented

Synopsis for Wednesday, January 16
  • Agreed norms were adapted from CGHS staff norms and made appropriate for CAT.
  • FST academic/soft skills survey results were shared out.
  • Health & Well-being subcommittee shared out research on cell phone use and possible methods for reducing or extinguishing use on campus.
  • Freshmen Foundations subcommittee survey results were shared out and next steps generated.
For team notes see link below.
Results for Wednesday, November 14
Based on feedback from the survey and our own interests, the Culture of Achievement Team has targeted three areas--
  • Health (w/ Janet Rust & Sarah Cunningham)
  • Next Steps (w/ Ricardo Florez & Vicki Evans)
  • Community Connections (w/ Chris Wells & Mike Ingman)
If you would like to join us and make positive change, please contact someone listed above.
Agenda for Wednesday, November 14
  • survey results (take survey here)
  • subcommittee formation
  • invites to interested staff
  • communication: staff, students, parents, community
  • next steps
Sina, Janet, Vicki, Lorri, Sarah C., Mike, Brian V., Ricardo, Chris W., Dylan, and You