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SLSD Weather & Emergency Info Sheet

With colder weather on the way, have you signed up for Flash Alert? Do you know how to find out if your student's school is open during inclement weather? We've included a reference sheet that is made to go on your fridge.
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Daily Announcements - 12/13/19

A reminder for the students and staff here at CGHS: after the weekend when you come back to school it is Merry Monday Morning, so dress in your favorite pajamas. Also on Monday during lunch the snowball launch competition is happening. Make sure to be there to support the competitor from your class. RF

Attention Seniors! The Lion Pride Pageant applications are due next Friday the 20th, make sure to get them in! RF

Calling all hikers! Join us at the Outdoor Club meeting TODAY at lunch, room 208, to plan our next hike! CK

The cheerleaders are selling mistletoe for $3.00 a bundle, look for them before school or during lunch to get yours! LC

Attention all students: Please check the lost and found for any lost clothing items. All items will be moved to the clothes closet after the winter break. MM

Wrestlers are excused all day for their tournament in North Bend. Go Lions!

Cafeteria Special of the Day: Chicken patty sandwich

Happy Birthday today to: Tristan Bentley
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Daily Announcements - 12/12/19

Winter spirit week this year is the last week before winter break. Happening Monday, the 16th through Friday, the 20th. Merry Monday morning: No need to change just wear your PJs to school. Twin Day Tuesday: You know it well, find a friend and wear the same clothes. Winter Wonderland Wednesday: dress in white and light blue. Flannel Thursday: dress in flannels, beanies, or other warm items. Festive Friday: like ugly sweater day wear cringy holiday clothing. RF*

Attention students! The recruiter from the US Navy will be in the career center TODAY during lunch. Stop by if you have any questions or just want to learn more! LG

Attention Seniors! The Lion Pride Pageant applications are due next Friday the 20th, make sure to get them in! RF*

Calling all hikers! Join us at the Outdoor Club meeting TOMORROW at lunch, room 208, to plan our next hike! CK*

The cheerleaders are selling Mistletoe for $3.00 a bundle, look for them before school or during lunch to get yours! LC*

Attention all students: Please check the lost and found for any lost clothing items. All items will be moved to the clothes closet after the winter break. MM*

Please release girls basketball at 12:45 for their game at Hidden Valley High School. Please also release swimming at 2:55.

Cafeteria Special of the Day: Grilled Cheese and Baked Potato & Roll

Happy Birthday today to: Hailey Carter
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Communication from the Superintendent to Parents

October 24, 2019

Parents and Students of South Lane School District,

I want to take the opportunity to address all South Lane students and families about a recent incident at Cottage Grove High School.

On September 27th, a report was made to our high school administration about hazing/harassment in the locker room involving football players. As the administrators initially responded promptly and investigated the allegations, it became clear that in addition to inappropriate school behavior, there may have been a crime committed. The high school administrators immediately contacted the police, and both the district and police department immediately began separate investigations. By the end of the day on September 27th, the administrators had progressed far enough into the investigation to determine and carry out initial consequences for several students.

The high school continued the investigation over the next two weeks to ensure that they were thorough in their investigation, and that the findings of the investigation were accurate. We were deeply upset by the actions of the students involved in this incident , and the high school administration addressed the actions of the students involved with consistent, and appropriate consequences.

There have been questions about why we didn’t publicize this issue earlier, or why we did not provide more details about the students involved. In the weeks following the report of the incident, we didn’t communicate out about the issue because there were two ongoing investigations by the district and police department, and communicating before the completion of those investigations may have slowed or hindered those investigations. We did not provide more details about the students involved because we have an obligation to protect the privacy of our students, not only in this instance, but at all times. This includes student discipline, and includes ALL students. This limits what we can and cannot share with parents and the public. However, in hindsight, we could have communicated with parents, students, and the community at the end of our investigation, and failed to do so. We are a small community, and communicating earlier may have prevented the misconceptions and misunderstandings of what actually happened that have surfaced. The reports of rape and other sexual crimes and actions are an example of this, as these reports are not consistent with the findings of our investigation. While again we are limited in what we can share, we regret not communicating about this serious issue earlier.

We have also heard questions about what we are doing to ensure that this incident does not happen again. As we released in a statement earlier this week, we have already taken the following steps:
• Modified locker room supervision to more closely monitor student athletes
• Addressed the football team, and reviewed the expectations with regards to hazing, harassment and bullying.
• Planned future sessions with all sports teams about the expectations of hazing, harassment, and bullying that will include clear expectations to report any inappropriate behavior to coaches or the athletic director immediately.

In addition to these measures, we are also considering hiring a consultant to work with our student athletes and staff on these expectations and effective supervision.

As educators, we know that our students will perform better academically, athletically, and in life when they feel and are safe at school. We know that as parents, you entrust us with your students, and expect them to be safe. We know the part that we must play in preventing issues like this, and we will continue to make student safety our priority.


Larry Sullivan, PhD
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As we announced yesterday, we uncovered allegations of hazing and physical harassment in the football locker room last month. We thoroughly investigated the allegations and applied appropriate consequences. As a school, we cannot release specific details of our investigation or the consequences that were applied, which has led to misconceptions about what took place. This is both unfortunate, and unfair to all of the students involved. As a result of the investigation, we took the following corrective actions: modified football locker room supervision to cover all areas before and after all football practices and games, reviewed supervision expectations and hazing/harassment policy with coaches, and reviewed hazing/harassment policy with football athletes. We will address hazing and harassment with players and coaches at the beginning of each athletic season and will continue to explore other ways to educate and maintain a positive school environment. We care deeply about the safety, well-being, education and privacy of our students. We will continue to make that our priority.
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Locker room incident

On Friday, September 27th, we received a report of hazing in the boys’ locker room at Cottage Grove High School. We involved law enforcement and immediately began an investigation into the allegations. The school investigation has been concluded (the CGPD also conducted an investigation). In addition to consequences that won’t be shared due to privacy rights, we have already implemented supervision changes and we will be providing further instruction and education to student athletes and coaches.  We have treated this situation very seriously, as these allegations do not in any way reflect the values and culture of our school and community. Please know that the safety, well-being, and privacy of our students has been and continues to be our utmost priority.
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Student registration dates for 2019-2020 School Year

Sophomores 9:30am-11:30am
Juniors 1:00-3:00pm

Freshmen 9:00-11:30am
Seniors 1:00-3:00pm

NEW STUDENTS for the 2019-2020 school year will need to fill out enrollment papers in the office and make an appointment to meet with their counselor. The office will open for business on Thursday, August 8th. Counselors will be back and available for appointments starting Tuesday, August 20th. Below is contact information for our counselors.

Rex Basting,(541) 780-2135 or – 9th & 10th Graders
Vicki Evans, (541) 780-2134 or – 11th & 12th Graders
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Summer Resources for Students & Families

Summer resources for students & families -- food, clothes, emergency shelter, housing, case management support.

Looking Glass (for youth ages 11-24): Free, hot breakfast (8:30-9:30am) & lunch (12-4pm), clothes, shoes. Staff are amazing and can help youth with pretty much anything they need (e.g. apply for food stamps, get on health insurance, apply for jobs, etc).

Hours: 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday.
Contact: 508 E. Whiteaker Avenue, Cottage Grove
Phone: 541-767-3823

They have a 24/7 youth crisis line (541-689-3111 - call/text) if youth need someone to talk to. They also have a youth shelter in Eugene for youth under age 18. Call/text the crisis line to get into the shelter, or just show up (931 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402).

Summer Food Program: There are four places in town for youth under age 18 to get free breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday.

Bohemia Elementary School - Breakfast 8:30-9;00; Lunch 11:30-12:30
CGHS - Breakfast 8:00-8:30; Lunch 11:30-12:30
Gateway Apartments - Lunch 12:00-12:30
Harrison Elementary - Lunch 11:30-12:30

Community Sharing: Laundry vouchers, energy assistance, housing vouchers, clothes, and a food pantry. 1440 Birch Avenue, Cottage Grove. Hours: 11-3:30. On Thursdays and Fridays they have a Spanish-speaking employee on site.

Housing Help for Families and Students age 18+:

St Vincent de Paul:
Catholic Community Services:
Homes for Good (Lane County Housing Authority):
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