Materials and textbook pick up starts Monday, September 21

Dear families,
Starting next week we will begin the process of handing out textbooks and other materials for classes in our front lobby. Our hours of distribution will be 10 am - noon and 6 - 7 pm Monday -Thursday from September 21 to October 1.
When you arrive to the front of the school please remember to maintain 6 feet of distance and to wear a face mask. The process will go as follows:
-Wait just outside the front door until it is your turn.
-Go to the first table and provide your first name, last name, and
student ID number so our staff can look up your texts and retrieve
-Go the second table to receive your books and document the book numbers.
-Exit out the side door to the parking lot.
Thank you.
Matt Myers
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Cottage Grove High School
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